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These are the fifteen images that I used in my successful DPAGB entry on the 20th April 2013. Each image was scored by six judges who gave it a mark of between 2 and 5. Sadly, the judges rarely seem to be able to find the '5' button so the qualifying score is set at 300 out of 450. My final score was 313.
Rush Hour, Havana (Scored 18)Curves (Scored 20)Val d' Orcia Sunrise (Scored 24)The Three Amigos (Scored 23)Dawn, The Cobb (Scored 20)Cuban Farmer (Scored 19)The Face of Experience (Scored 21)Sisters At The Window (Scored 23)Surfing The Wave (Scored 22)Magpie Mine (Scored 16)Post No Bills (Scored 22)Dominos With Friend (Scored 22)Flamenco Dance Class (Scored 23)Return to the Shadows (Scored 20)Rock Singer (Scored 20)